Gorilla Trekking Uganda: No Permit Discounts This Year… But it’s Still Cheaper than Rwanda!

If you have been eagerly awaiting news of discounted Gorilla Trekking Permits in Uganda this November, I am the bearer of bad news. The popular Discounted Gorilla Permit Program is no more, and you will have to pay the full $600 USD per person per day to go in search of the world’s last remaining Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi National Park.

Until recently, the Uganda Wildlife Authority offered discounted Gorilla Permits throughout the months of April, May and November to attract more visitors during low season, but when Rwanda announced that it was to increase its gorilla permits to a whopping $1500 USD per person per day back in 2017, the demand for permits in neighbouring Uganda soared.

Gorilla tourism is positively booming in Uganda right now, and as a result, the Wildlife Authority no longer needs to reduce the cost of permits to $450 USD per person per day to fill up the off-season months.

This may come as a disappointment to many, but the money raised through gorilla trekking permits goes towards the conservation of these magnificent creatures, and so many believe that $150 USD is a small price to pay to witness Africa’s endangered mountain gorillas thriving in their natural habitat.

In neighbouring Rwanda, it will cost you an extra $900 USD per person for the pleasure, and while gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park is a truly magical experience, there is nowhere quite as iconic as Bwindi.

If you’re thinking about trekking Uganda’s gorillas this winter, here’s just a glimpse of what you can expect…

Gorilla & Chimpanzee Tours Uganda

Gorilla Trekking Uganda



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