Want to Know What it Feels Like to Track Gorillas in Rwanda…?

We love nothing more than hearing about other traveller’s experiences, and when we received this fantastic review of a recent Gorilla Tracking Tour in the Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, we knew we had to share it…

“The gorilla tracking in the Virunga mountains was the most surreal, awe-inspiring and unforgettable thing that we are ever likely to do in our lives.

Being within a few feet of these giant, majestic creatures that we are so closely related to, is truly breath-taking. They are so human in their mannerisms, and the children so playful that you almost feel like you are watching a film as it is so hard to believe you are so close to them. We visited the Susa family, which is the largest family of gorillas in the world, which were incredibly lucky to see. We probably saw between 20 and 30 gorillas.

We were also incredibly lucky to be accompanied by arguably THE most knowledgeable man on mountain gorillas, Ian Redmond OBE, who by sheer chance was in our small group, who has been around the gorillas since they were young and researched them in-depth. It was a magical day and one I will never forget.” JC, London

To me, this is what travel is all about, meeting new people (and creatures!), appreciating nature, and understanding how incredibly lucky we are to travel, explore and discover this amazing planet.


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